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QuickCash Promo
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Terrebonne, QC J6Y 0J9


1. What is the QUICKCASH PROMO program?

QUICKCASH PROMO (the "Program") is a rewards program designed for mechanics, installers and parts clerks at auto parts stores. The program consists of accumulating the top of QUICKBLADE wiper boxes in order to participate in the draw of their choice.

2. How can I participate?

Membership is free. The participant must accumulate the requested number of lid (top of box) of QuickBlade wipers (the "coupons") to participate in the draws.
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3. Can I offer QuickCash Promo gift card ideas?

Absolutely! Write to us to send us your ideas!

4. What are the delivery times for my gift card?

Prizes will be awarded to the winners within 30 business days of the draw date.